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horror movie ,don’t remember the name

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my friend watched it as a kid in around 2006-2007, it’s most likely an old film.she remembers a few scenes:in the beginning a group of friends is riding in a car probably at night when one of them gets a phone call and jumps out of the window and dies;another scene- a woman w black long hair gets a phone call as well and all the other friends warn her not to answer but she does answer and proceeds to stab herself in the stomach w knives and other kitchen stuff; in the end a few friends who stayed alive are surrounded by zombies or smth, the other friends died one by one when answering those phone calls.

nura Unselected an answer Oct 19, 2020

ah alas it’s none of these movies((

Darn. Well I tried a search on “IMDb Advances Search”:,tv_movie,tv_series,tv_episode,tv_special,tv_miniseries,short,video,tv_short&release_date=1970-01-01,2008-12-31&genres=horror&plot=phone+call.

If nothing rings a bell you could try another search by changing the parameters/info/things your friend might remember. Also maybe your friend remembers some dialogue? If so, you could check out (after searching for the quote, click Horror on the right, to only have results for horror movies), or (the movie quote search is on the left)

aww thanks for the sources, i’ll check it out🤗👌