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Horror Movie Creature That Impersonates Victims


A while ago I watched a movie where there was a group of people trapped somewhere and a creature (alien, monster, shapeshifter, etc) that would impersonate the people there and impregnate the women. None of the people know which person is actually the creature.

I believe this movie was made from 1995—2005. The only scene I remember clearly was that the creature impersonated one of the girls boyfriends and they had sex and then she died while giving birth to the creature’s offspring very soon after (like an accelerated pregnancy).

Manizer Posted new comment Mar 15, 2022

This sounds alot like a movie that I’ve been looking for. Any chance that yours was also in a foreign language, probably Spanish, and also had a group of scientists-researchers, going to a forest with a van, and like you said, getting trapped there? – but before that, they also discover an egg/rock/organism (which I cannot remember), which is the source of the alien thing.