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Horror movie: child lives his dreams as reality

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Hi, I saw a movie about 15-20 years ago but I have never found out the name. Basically it’s a horror movie of which I can remember only some pieces of a scene. I remember than there was a child who was dreaming about scary things in which an evil man was involved too and those dreams appeared real to him. In one dream that man grabbed the child with two fingers from his back and put him on an electric chair but on a sudden his sister woke him up and found out two holes on the back of his pajama and other traces on his body reveling that what his brother was dreaming was actually real. I hope you can help me.

farcry Posted new comment Nov 21, 2020

Something similar happens in “shocker”

I’ve already come across that film but unfortunately it’s not the one I was looking for. The images were brighter, possibly there was a scene with a completely white room and it seemed to me more recent.

it’s only 10 years old, but maybe: