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Horror Movie about young girl with imaginary friend


I can’t remember a horror film I watched a good few
years ago. I remember it was about a couple with a
daughter who move into a new house and the wife is
pregnant. I can only remember a couple of things about
the film. One scene I remember the wife is painting a
new nursery and falls of a ladder. In another scene she
is painting a big tree in the front garden and when she
walks away for a minute someone paints a person
hanging in black paint over her own painting. From what
I can recall I think they were being haunted by a ghost
of a girl who was hung for witchcraft on the tree
mentioned before and the wife finds the grave of the
girl who is not buried with her parents but instead
buried in a secluded run down part of the graveyard
and I think the priest tells her it’s where evil people are
buried or something along those lines. I have been
trying to find this movie for a long time and have never
been able to. I also have a strange recollection of some sort of scene where there are snow globes flying off a shelf I think the ghost is doing it. Any help finding this at all would be amazing.

DarraghV Asked question Jul 3, 2022