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Horror movie about family who moved into house associated with time travel loop?

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I’ve been trying to find the name of a movie about a family that has bizarre “paranormal” encounters in their house. I believe they were newly moved in or had lived there for a short period of time. I remember a woman and her son encountering these human like creatures, but the twist was that they would show up and disappear randomly. They come to find out that their house was the location of experiments a long time ago and the things showing up in their house were people who were stuck in a time loop (but they looked very creepy and bloody, maybe even wrapped in chains or something if I can remember right). I watched this movie on Netflix a LONG time ago, but I have had an interest in re-watching it. It is a similar concept to Devil’s Pass. Any help would be appreciated!

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YES! That’s it! Thank you so so much for the help.