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Horror movie about a family with a wicked mother lives in a house in the woods?

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I rememmber the story goes lke this: the main girl was lost in the forest and she saw a house/cabin so she asked to shelter in. The family had mid-age parents and a lot of children (from 5-18). I don’t remember why but the main girl had to stay in the house for a while. There’s something strange about the house, the children were afraid of their mom. The main girl notice that the oldest sister of the family changed her style/dress everyday, later main girl found out that the parents were not the children’s biological parents. The children were lured and trapped in this house. The mother replaced their heads with the heads she made. If the fake heads were hit, they could fall out or distort. If the children can’t find their true heads, they can’t get out of there. Later, main girl learnt that the oldest sister were waiting for the mother to take the main girl’s head so she could find her true head and escape, but there was something special about the main girl so the mother couldn’t do it yet. I didn’t watch the latter of the movie so I didn’t remember anything on. Thank you all.

darkrain261 Asked question Mar 25, 2020