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Horror movie about a dead girl ghost, with a plot twist


Hi! I remember surprising amount of information about this movie, but whatismymovie, google and imdb search gave me nothing. Now after six hours of searching, I must know.
It is a horror movie.
relise year 2011-2012 but if I am mistaken, I’d allow the range be from 2004 to 2016
further things are complicated because I might confuse this one with another one, maybe I watched them one after another about five years ago.
I can’t remember who is main character. But he or she or her or his friend or patient investigates a murder of a girl. Brutal one, with a knife, but I’m not sure if it was serial killer or one-time one. I think it was the former, but who knows
There was interesting clue about the murder – main character (or somebody close) saw something on a googlemap. So the ghost was giving clues or something. Or it is the second movie I’m confusing this one with…
The thing I am sure of: in the end the ghost of the girl, who was reliving her gruesome murder, realises that she is he – the murderer. The murderer was dead too and he was reliving his murder of that girl in her body and feeling her fear and pain! Some sort of a purgatorian afterlife
I am sure that investigator have found her earring in a swamp-like ground in front of the house where the murder was. And there were past and present combined.
What I’m not sure of and what may belong to other movie: character, a woman, was a doctor and her patient suffered from multiple personalities (not a Split))
I don’t know how it can be attached to the murder of a girl, so I think it is from another one. Also after watching I understood something about the name of the movie, something about memory. But maybe it is the name of a movie with a doctor and a patient with multi personalities.
Hue of the movie was something like sepia, like autumn, very dull autumn. Though google map leaf was very green.
This scene at the end where ghost girl screaming and reliving that knife put into her by hazy figure whose face she couldn’t see and then this – realisation. And our investigator lost all compassion in that moment and you could say to the murderer “Burn in hell! That’s what you get! Suit you right, feel her pain and fear!”
Ooof… Now I’m hoping somebody could help me, please)

Lava Asked question Mar 28, 2021