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Horror/mistery movie with a STATUE and a NAZI…

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An anthology film dating back to the 1950s, or 1960s or 1970s. I don’t know if this movie consisted of two or more episodes (I only remember two).

PLOT 1st episode: a disappointed and drunk man courts a statue of an ancient woman. At night the statue comes alive and the next day the man is found dead and the statue in its place on the pedestal by a swimming pool.

PLOT 2nd episode: a former Nazi tormentor is recognized on the street by his victim, imprisoned and tortured in turn, but in the end the victim gives up killing him and lets him go, convinced that the man will pay anyway. In fact, as soon as he gets back on the street he asks for a cigarette from a passer-by who at first does not recognize him, then thinks about it and starts stalking him.

POLLYANNE Asked question Sep 29, 2020