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Horror film with bathroom that fills up with water

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Hello, I’ve been trying to find this film which I saw when I was much younger, around 2007. I know it’s a horror film and it appeared on one of the film channels that you’d see on freeview. I remember one specific scene and it is as follows: A man is in a bathroom in a house and he is unable to turn the taps off. Eventually the bathroom fills up with water until the window bursts and he comes out of the window. In the next scene, a woman (assumedly his love interest) is running through the woods in the dark with fog in the surrounding area, I believe she is running from the ‘horror character’.
I understand that this isn’t too much to go off but any help is appreciated.
Many thanks, Henry.

farcry Posted new comment May 20, 2022

Just a guess:
A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989).