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Horror-Comedy Movie about a family that kidnap (and murder ?) people.

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So, if i remember correctly, the protagonist are a couple that was traveling whit a car and in the middle of nowhere the car broke down (it was really an accident ?) and they manage to search a phone to the nearest (and only) building, that happens to be a mansion.

[Yeah, it’s not Rocky Horror Picture Show :p]

So they get separated in this big house and i recall that a daughter of the family, the only “normal” of the family, try to help the protagonist to escape.

What i remember mostly are a few scenes: a weird descend trought what looked like a playground slide, a scene where they found a LOT of missing person’s IDs, and the last thing i remember, not sure it’s the ending of the movie or not ** SPOILER ALERT ** , is the protagonist that are managing to escape by road, they stop a police car, they panikly managing to explain what was happening in that mansion, and it turns out that the policemen are somenthing like cousins with the head of the serial-killer family…

Thanks in advance !

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DemisDevil Selected answer as best Jan 17, 2022

Some of the details don’t match well, but it could possibly be Nothing But Trouble, a 1991 horror comedy with Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Demi Moore. A comedic twist on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, directed by Ackroyd. Some yuppies run a red light and are taken to appear before a creepy old judge at his creepy old mansion, where they have dinner with his creepy old family. It has been a long time since I have seen this movie, but I am pretty sure I remember a scene where they discover a lot of IDs of prior victims. After condemning them, the judge forces his victims to ride a wild rollercoaster (sort of like a slide) to their deaths.

Maybe not a perfect match, but I thought I’d at least suggest it.

DemisDevil Edited comment Jan 17, 2022

Amazing, i watched the trailer and i’m pretty sure you are correct. Can’t believe it was a movie with such a famous cast.

Thanks again !

I believe i might have mixed it with another, more horror movie, weird how memories works.

I watched it.
It’s like Chevy Chase went to Aykroyd and told him: “Dami Moore is very hot, let’s make a movie where she’s madly in love with me for no reason” !

Also i must say that there is indeed a long slide just after the id’s scene.