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Horror, 18+, Memorable scene in hell somone will remember.

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I cant remember the film title its destroying me and i only have vague information and a very memorable scene I’m sure somebody will remember the scene. The film is slightly like ‘videodrome’ and has a James Woods ‘videodrome’ style main actor. Though I’m pretty sure its not actually James Wood.
The memorable scene is set in a type of hell where a woman is forced to become so aroused she transforms into a big pair of boobs and and a giant ass, sort of melted on the floor. The makeup and transformation is pretty spectacular.
I thought it was ‘videodrome’ for sure, I bought it and it wasn’t, then I bought ‘the beyond’ because I’m sure the title was something like ‘inferno’ or ‘the beyond’ but it isnt. ARRGH.
I keep searching google but whenever you type movie, film, woman turns into giant breasts in any type of combination you get a lot of pornography, its not really a help.

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