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Hollywood movie about Hitchiking?

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I watched a movie some 20+ years back (probably 2001), which seems to have been released between (1990-1998) . The story involves about a couple, who just got married (still in their marriage dress), and are driving in a car. They give a ride to a hitchhiker who turns out to be a criminal (possibly escaped from police and is on run) . Initially hitchiker talks in a pleasant manner and leads the couple to a abandoned house, where he threatens and beats the husband and handcuffs him in the house. The wife tries to calm the hitchhiker and tries to impress him so that the husband is spared from further beating. However the plot changes where the wife starts falling in love with the criminal (or hitchhiker) , meanwhile husband somehow manages to escape. The husband returns back with weapon to confront the criminal, only to realize his wife has cheated on him. The wife kills herself with a gun upon being confronted by the husband, and the husband looks out for the criminal and eventually kills him down.
Can anyone tell me the name of the movie.. I could not find it in the internet too?

ArunM Asked question Aug 8, 2022