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Hi, I somehow remembered this movie a few months ago and it’s been picking my brain hard since then.


Alright, here’s the best description I have, and I know in advance that this is the dumbest question ever. So its a kids animated movie from around the 2000s. I remember the movie starts off with this kid who has a tricked out rocket scooter and he’s about to race this other kid at the park, but before it starts he gets a call on his gadget and goes around the corner to answer it, and he has to go help save the day or something and like takes off to outer space with his green/blue rocket scooter. I cant remember much of the story after that but I remember in detail the way he saved the day. He had to like fly into some kind of star or something. But he needed a lot of speed that he couldn’t get from his scooter alone. So one of his buddies (who I assume was a robot or something cause he could rotate his torso around and around) gave him a slingshot by spinning him around, and it was like a whole scene of him getting up to speed before getting launched. And after saving the day, he goes back to earth and finishes the race with his friends. Also, I have been saying the phrase “I gotcha” in a weird voice since I was a kid that imitates the guy who slingshotted him (he said it at some point in the movie), and I realized recently that that’s what I got it from. So i need to figure out what this movie is if anyone can help It would mean a lot. But I do remember slightly what the animation style looks like, and Id say its somewhat similar to planet 51 or space chimps. But If you have any follow up questions just lmk. Thank you

thebackflipdude Asked question Dec 24, 2020