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Help! Older Fighting / Martial Arts movie…


I used to watch this movie (on DVD) when I was young. It was a fighting or martial arts film. I would guess it was either from 1990s or early 2000s. I will describe everything I can remember.

The main character I think was a white male and had a somewhat large muscular build. I think he may have had long hair, but not sure.

I remember a scene where he is fighting either in some bar, or maybe it was an underground fighting spot, like a basement. I remember him having to fight off multiple guys in that scene and there was some use of chains.

I also remember a scene where either cops or some sort of gang/mob were in a shootout with the main character inside some little building like a restaurant or cafe.

Later in the movie, maybe in the middle, the main character goes to this island or beach place to compete with a bunch of other fighters.

I remember a scene where someone forces another guy to swallow a bag of drugs maybe cocaine and I think he chokes on it and dies.

Other than that, I think the main character rides a motorcycle and goes to see his girl or someone in the countryside and she has a kid.

Sadly that is all I got. I really hope someone can help me find this movie as it is super nostalgic to me. I may have confused or mixed up some of my memories, but I think they are pretty accurate.

Thanks 🙂

pierce_147 Asked question May 19, 2022