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Help me please


This was a film scene that i saw when i was a little kid and got stucked in my head, now with 27 years i am trying to find it without success, i must seen these scene with about 7 years i dont actually remember how old i was exactly, i was born in 1995. The good thing is i can remember the scene absolutely perfectly. It was a black and white horror film, there where two people, a wonan and a man hiding in a basement, on top of them there was a a hole which conected to exterior, they where both hiding from their prosecutors who where hooded like people or creatures with swords, the man tells the woman that he is going through the hole to look if this hooded creatures where still there, the woman crys and begs him not to do it but the man decides to go through the hole to look. He starts looking and one of the creatures appears and cuts his head, the next scene is the woman that can only see the legs of the man because the rest of his body is covered by the hole pitching the mans leg and telling him what os he seeing and to come back, whe she decides to grab the mans leg and pull him the body falls down without head and woman starts screaming, the bad guys where hooded with swords and where many of them with the same estetics. Help me find it

Tyson Asked question May 17, 2022