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help me find this sad movie

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nothing but that love

he was blonde with mustache and dark circle round his eye probably because of crying

the movie so sad and i remember that there was blue filter all over the man was talking so sadly ouside on roof of a car with a friend and he was blond with a mustache and hes said “nothing but that love” shaking his hand and pointing to nowhere

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I know it’s a TV episode, but found the quote “nothing but that love”, with the help of|Drama&p=3&titles_per_page=5&phrases_per_title=1) – the 2nd quote on the page. The TV episode “Form and Void” from the TV show “True Detective”:

My link in my previous comment doesn’t seem to work, but I had searched for “nothing but that love”, and on the right side of the page I clicked “Drama” and it’s on the 3rd page.


I actually think the episode “Form and Void” of the TV show “True Detective” is what you are describing. Matthew McConaughey in the show is blondish with a mustache, and his eyes look like what you are describing (in the episode he just survived being stabbed by the killer he was trying to apprehend). Here is a clip I found on Youtube:

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