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Help me find this old horror movie from my childhood

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It might not even be a horror movie but it was extremely bizarre. The only two scenes i remember are the opening where a group of teenagers/young people vandalise a cemetery which awakens an evil and the other scene is the most specific: A mother and her son a driving in a car and it brakes down, the mother goes to inspect it and gets killed by the monster. The child is terrified that hes next and as the monster is about to kill he sees that the child is holding and eating something (i dont remember what exactly but it was either yoghurt, icecream or sourcream maybe) and the monster just leaves him because he was eating it. The monster was humanoid wasn’t anything specific about it and i saw this movie was 8-10+ years ago so its not newer than 2010. It was also very low budget and it was a movie that was funny because of how bad and bizarre it was. I have been search for quite a while for this movie and the only other info that i can give you is that it is NOT The Stuff (1985). Thanks in advance 😀

pleasehelpmefindit Asked question Oct 27, 2020