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Help me find this movie’s name. Plz.

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Its an very old movie. Has 2 parts. Speak about some kid’s (he was abandoned in the pharaohs time, throwed into the river and found and raised by a modern time family in begining of the movie )
parents which are pharaohs and searches them in Egypt.He starts an journeys and finds their tomb in a secret entrance in the dried Nile.

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I checked it and its wasn’t that movie in the beginning its like him but when the baby was found in the river he was found and raised by an modern family and he starts an adventure to find his real parents (pharaohs)tomb.He finds it in a secret place in dried Nile and in the end Nile bursts out water and hiddens the entrance.

The Ten Commandments (1956)
This one is also similar but I’m not sure

Nah its too old for that movie.


Maybe in its title might be include “Nile”.

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