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help me find this movie??

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2000’s western movie where man uses hot axe to cauterize his face, him and a prostitute he’s in love with work together to take down a man who is trying to use a large weapon to demolish the capitol, based in the founding times of america

casspir Answered question Aug 4, 2020

“Jonah Hex” (2010)
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:
Quotes from the above Wikipedia page:
“In 1876, Turnbull, having survived, hijacks a train carrying components of an experimental “superweapon,” slaughtering guards and passengers.”
“Hex spends a night with Lilah (Megan Fox), a prostitute with ulterior motives.”
“He relays a message to Lt. Grass that Turnbull plans to attack Washington, D.C., then rides to Independence Harbor alone to stop him.”

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