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Hello there.
I’m trying to find a movie…
It’s one of those movies about an obsessive friendship. (Girl on girl)

The scenes I remember:

1.- The obsessive friend puts alcohol in a juice. Not knowing this, the other friend (the protagonist idk) puts the same alcohol too in the juice. And then, she gives the juice to another girl, and the protagonist drinks too. They start playing tennis. Quickly they get drunk and fall asleep.

2.- The OBSESSIVE FRIEND takes a girl (idk if is the girl that was playing tennis with the protagonist, but well…) and puts her half naked on a bed. THE OBSESSIVE lies down next to her, and the girl wakes up believing that she had sex with the OBSESSIVE. Then, she rans away.

A plus, I guess in the last scene, where the PROTAGONIST and the OBSESSIVE FRIEND fight, the first one tries to save the last one when she is going to fall, grabbing her necklace. Obviously, the necklace breaks and the OBSESSIVE FRIEND dies.

Last clue, is that, the movie was not released after 2010.

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Nevena12 Answered question May 5, 2021