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Help me find this movie


Hey im trying to find the title of a movie that ive only seen the trailer of many years ago and all of a sudden it just came to my mind
I think its made between 1989 and 2010
It was a boy jerking off in swim gear like goggles and all that
He was jerking off to a woman in a red bikini i think
And then all of a sudden his mom opend the door to his room and says granpa is dead

I dont 100 % remember it but this is what i think happened
The trailer was on a cassette or VHS
I think the movie that was on the cassette was toy story

VHS_Lives Answered question Aug 13, 2022

something similar happened on “neil’s party”.

one of the american pie direct to video sequels had similar scene too

VHS_Lives Answered question Aug 13, 2022