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Help me find this mandarin movie?

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I found a movie on TikTok and I need helping to find the name. The scene is set in a bar with 4 guys and three girls, and the last girl is a guy dress in drag which is one of the girl’s cousins from Thailand. The short dialog starts off with the girls introducing themselves. Hi, I’m Red. Hi, I’m Blue. Hi, I’m Green. I’m Wang Gang. Then the guys go into shock with the last girl. Dialog continues … What the hell? Then the girl says, “He is my cousin.” “Just came back from Thailand.” If it helps any, the TikTok account is under kkmovie001 and the video is “it turns out that beautiful women have unknown secrets!! And, I have already looked through the comments and caption no one knows the title.

farcry Edited comment Jun 18, 2021

Can you give me a link to the video? I couldn’t find it under kkmovie001.