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Help me find this interracial romance drama miniseries/television movie, please?! It’s killing me…


I’ve been trying to find this television movie (maybe miniserie, 2 parts) in the 2000s (maybe late 90s) about an asian girl who fell for a white guy then gets pregnant with his child, he leaves and she raises her daughter who later tries to find her biological father and she does but she also finds that he got married and has a son and his son falls for her but she rejects him saying they are brothers and sisters and that is wrong and he then reveals that it’s not a big deal because he is adopted and if I remember correctly there’s also some “Chinese natural medicine” involved..

ps1: I remember there is a scene where she has to prove in court that what she gave wasn’t poison but a natural medecine, something like that, not sure about what exactly happened but remember that she saves someone with it.

ps2: I’m sure it can be found on Wikipedia, I remember I found it a long time ago but on my former laptop… dumb me didn’t write it anywhere else…

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bui doi?

“redwood curtain” is similar too

sofia92 Posted new comment Jul 27, 2022

VHS_Lives I wish it was this one, but it’s not. It’s just a simple romantic, drama miniserie. Thank you for trying.