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Help me find this abduction movie


I have a movie I really want to find the title for. I used to watch it when I was younger and it was shown on TV in maybe 2005-2006-2007.

What I remember from the movie is that there is a family living in (i think) a brown house. There’s a mother, a father and their teen daughter.
Somthing in the house breaks and a plumber or carpenter comes to the house. He’s driving a white kind of van I believe. He sees the teen daughter and decides he’s intrested and takes notes of the layout of the house and her room.
He starts texting her acting like he’s a teen boy (when he’s really a old man) and they plan to meet up in the park but he doesn’t show up while she does. He sends her a message saying he sees her but she can’t see him.
She gets a box delivered to her house from him ( but she doesn’t know it’s from him) containing red underwear. This makes her feel uncomfortable.
He later returns to use some sort of wire through the ”postbox” in the door to get the keys to the house. He does and kidnaps the teen daughter.
He puts her in the cellar to later put her in a chest of coffin made of wood. It’s then lowered into water or something like that. But at this point her father is coming to rescue her and is fighting against this man with an axe or something. That’s all I remember but I can’t remember the title of the movie.

fellepelle Asked question Jul 29, 2022