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First movie it was an animation, and it was about some spanish inquisition in America, and the ship that goes there, it gets wrecked and 2 males and a horse are found by natives and they teach native about horseriding, christianity and then they fight back with the spanish inquisition, been searching for it too long but i could not find it.

The other movie is about a family, father, mother and daughter, and the daughter in family starts to date this guy and brings him home, but the father finds out that the boy his daughter is dating is his kid, and tells him to stop, but they don’t stop, in the end, i cant remember but either the father kills both of them and burns the house down, or boy kills the girl and then the father kills the boy.
If someone saw something like this i would appreciate the answer.

Salimuriqi Asked question Jan 12, 2021