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Help me find the movie

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The trailer of the starts with two school bullied.they told to there parents about that.there parents tells them don’t be afraid you have to standup.oneday the kids find guns in their shed.they took them to school.there the trailer of the movie ends. I searched in youtube,IMDb but I couldn’t find it please help me to find the movie..

autumnfrench Edited comment Sep 29, 2020

Maybe this one?:
“The Class” (2007), also known as “Klass”
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia here:

Another suggestion:
“The Dirties” (2013)

So for the life of me I cannot remember this movie, but it is an older one. And it’s about a boy I think loving with his dad and he ends up finding this girl and being friends with her and he thinks that her and her grandmother are witches but they aren’t. And this girl and her grandmother live in a tiny shack. I remember one scene where the boy falls and hurts his knee and the girl finds a special plant to put on it. I know this isn’t much but would really help ! ( I also know for sure it’s not a movie based on witches , so I know it’s not the witches or any of those ). Also another scene is where they cross a huge current of water walking on a fallen tree and the little sister of the boy follows them and falls in and goes to the hospital.