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Help me find the movie please

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I can‘t remember the name of the movie and I really want to know it. I can‘t remember much, but it is about a boy, who has brown hair, who moves to Englang with one of his parents, I believe. The house is very cute and not in a big city, more at a countryside. There he has to move together with a blonde girl, a girl who is very intressted in fashion and in girly stuff. At the beginning they hate eachother because there are so different. He meets another girl called Lucy, she always wears black clothes, and they become best friends. Lucy has a little shed with some animals in. He gets to know all the animals and her life. In the mean time the boy and the girl he lives with, accept each other much more and get closer. I don‘t know more…can you help me?

Lucie Asked question Jul 27, 2018