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Help me find an old movie made in 60s or 70s I believe

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Can’t remember the name but the story goes like this. 4 or 5 men (30-40 years old)enter a cabin of the train and there is an old man(70-80 years old) wearing all black outfit. Then an old man shows some cards and starts telling the future of those man and how they will die. I don’t remember how all of them die but one of those men gets to his house to his wife and kid and the plant becomes alive and somehow and starts breaking to the house, some way that family die but i can’t remember the rest of the story. An old man finishes all the stories and the light in the cabin turns off and when its back on, an old man disappear. Later the train stops and those 5 men get out but they find themselves in hell and an old man appears again. He is somewhat of the devil i believe. Please, if someone know share your ideas of the movie. P.S/ the movie was in color not black and white.

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It could be Dr Terrors House of Horrors.

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Yeah thats the one, thank you

Glad I could help. Enjoy the movie!

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