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Help me find an old hello kitty film I used to watch

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My memory of this film sucks because it was so long ago but I’m pretty sure it was a hello kitty movie/anime, the only things I remember specifically was a scene at the start where these humans are having a picnic in a field and they all bring their own food, and Hello Kitty brought only apples and they were like laughing, and after that was this scene with a girl holding a rose in a field of them, but she pricks her finger and it starts to bleed and some spooky shadows appear and there’s this white and black cat thing with an imp tail and bat wings flying around her.

I don’t remember much after that but that cat thing would fly around this girl a lot and talk to her, but the only thing I remember after that was the group of people standing outside a house looking up into the sky, there was a giant dark purple cloud covering the entire sky (probably evil clouds) and the hello kitty flies into the clouds and hears this man speaking, O can’t remember what he says but then she faints and the movie ends.

I watched this movie so much as a kid but I can’t remember too much and I can’t find it anywhere!

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