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Help me find an old film! (tiny/dwarf boy (10cm) and a human boy)

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Hello All,

Back 25 years or so, when we have a tv, There was a film showing on it. all I remember about it was that there was a human boy in his room and a tiny/dwarf boy under his bed, the boy and the dwarf becomes a friend, there was a small Ladder of matches the tiny boy used to climb, and the tiny/dwarf boy was bathing in a cup of coffee and He has a toothbrush. That is all that I remember about that film.

Hope someone can help me find it.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 28, 2022

No not that film 🙁

Could it be “little monsters” or “don’t look under the bed” ? If not, what else can you remember? “Indian in the Cupboard” had a little person befriend a boy too…..

not that film too, I don’t remember anything else.