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Help me find a movie from my childhood

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I’ll tell you all things that i remember even it’s not exact its a 2000s movie not old im pretty sure its
musical genre ive already search in google didn’t find anything

so i remember it’s a film where a teenager work as a janitor in a restaurant/bar where people are singing and he dreams that someday he’ll become a singer.
I remember that at a moment of the movie he needed a costume that hide his identity to go in a party where he could showcase his songs and he took a bike to go.
maybe im not sure there was a history of someone who has stole his music and pretend to be him
At the end of the movie theres a show scene where the teenager sing in duo with a girl. there was blue lights ?

sorry for my english please help me if u can

SteveQ Asked question Jun 23, 2022