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Help locate a film about a mentally disturbed boy who rides his bicycle a lot?


I checked this movie out from the local library years ago that I am trying to track down the title so I can watch again. I want to say it was from the 80’s. The lead was a youngish teen youth who was committed into this weird small housing setting, where he was being monitored by a psychiatrist. It turns out that the kid’s parents/father was a spy or working for the govt on some secret project, and eventually vanishes, leaving the boy always expecting his father to return but never does. Apparently the kid went insane as a result. The boy was depicted eventually escaping from the care facility on his bicycle, rides to nearby towns, meets up with some strange characters only to eventually find himself back in the original care setting. Seems the boy made up the fleeing on his bicycle. He is last scene in the film riding around the grounds of the facility in circles, all the while imagining he is somewhere else. A very interestimg movie. I want to say the title uses his name and the bicycle theme, like, “Joey rides a yellow bike etc…”
Anyway if anyone has any idea what the film is thanks!

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I Am The Cheese, a poor adaptation of Robert Cormier’s celebrated young adult novel of the same name. (Cormier also wrote The Chocolate Wars.) Robert MacNaughton, the kid who played the older brother in E.T., played the lead role in this 1983 film.

mparkes Posted new comment Jan 8, 2021

Tim, thank you so much! That is it! I couldn’t for the life of me remember the title. I will have to check out the novel also.