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Every year for ages i randomly remember this movie but i have never been able to find it online and at this point i feel like ive dreamt it. I dont remember much of it but i specifically remember this scene at the beginning and the ending.

At the beginning these people are going to a cabin of sorts i believe and they crash their rv and they end up walking to the place they were going to but that crash happens multiple times creating multiple versions of them which they then realize i believe when they go back to the rv and see blood that wasnt there before although im not sure if that blood part happened or not. And the ending i remember vividly the camera was night vision and this girl and this guy were thrown in this basement like room and they couldnt see but then a second version of the girl was in the door way and slammed the door shut and they screamed and thats where i movie ended i think. I believe that whole scene the camera was on its side too and you could see the guy and girl reaching for the door as it was slammed shut

I feel like i just got cabin in the wood mixed up with like 3 other movies while i was sleeping one night and dreamed it but i swear it exists out there ive spent hours looking for it and ive come up with nothing and it drives me crazy every time it randomly pops up in my head. If you do find this movie or confirm that i have mixed up a couple movies and can at least tell me what those scenes came out of i thank you very much for making me feel less insane lol.

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wow thank you so much! i got some details wrong from what i can see but this is what i couldnt remember all this time, no idea where in the depths of 2012 i watched this but thank you lol