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I need help finding a movie that I saw a long time ago, namely, the movie was that everyone played a game like vr, where people put their own character to fight to compete with other players. The result was that the best players were qualified for the tournament.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 22, 2022

Ready Player One is a very nice movie, but unfortunately that’s not what I mean 🙁

there are tons with this plot, can you narrow down a little for me? any character names or what they look like? how old is the film? in english?

It was as if such a deatchmatch of what I believe to get into this tournament, it was necessary to have enough points earned by killing enemies (there was probably the top of the server). As far as I remember, the main character had the biggest fight with an evil character who tried not to win cleanly. Video safe from before 2018

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