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help finding a movie about a possessed woman?

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i’ve been trying to find this movie, i’m not sure what the name is, who the actors are but i do remember seeing one clip of the movie where a girl is sitting in some sort of parking lot, or some industrial area, and i am pretty sure she is possessed or something. anyways, the clip is like a 30-50 second video of her sitting and there is a lot of body fluids coming out of her, there is puke, blood and possibly guts or feces and there is yellow and red liquids coming from her skirt. i know it sounds really gross but i have to know where it’s from. at the end i’m pretty sure she dies. there’s tons of videos of it and some videos are glitchy, and the frames are missing and repeat so it looks even more messed up. this is all i know about the movie sorry if it seems like a waste of time. also, i think this is a movie from around 1990-2010

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I believe you may referring to the subway scene from Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession (1981).