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Hello, I can’t find a certain movie

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the movie was release in the last five years i think

The movie began with a rich mother with her son in the car . she was driving him to a rehab or some type of a faculty in the Forrest •

the main character is the son • this place is for upgrading his mind and it was full with other clients like him • in it he cuts his face skin and body .

to insert a cube to his face and body to upgrade him self•

. the main character inters a room that have strange marks on a board for him to choose.

after he choose a beam of light beams to the sky

. there was a mountains and in the mountains there is a kind of a light or laser that beams to the sky

at the end of the film he turns it to a baby .

sorry for my bad English

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Where does he insert the cube? What does the cube look like?

it was not jast a one cube
every time he needs to upgrade him self he insert another cube
he insert is all over his face and body

the cube was in a plastic case with its own little knife to cut the skin for inserting it


i found the movie it called Perfect 2018
thank you

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