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HBO movie late 80s- early 90s

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I’ve been trying to find out this movie for decades, and you’re my last hope. It had to be on HBO in late 80s or early 90s, but not an HBO movie. Low budget late night movie. I think it was set in a Minnesota big city, but not sure. Main character is young criminal that is a Val Kilmer lookalike. Has blonde hair and a little ponytail. He’s hired to do a job by some crooked businessman. The young criminal gets his friends to help, but it goes bad and the friends get killed. The Kilmer lookalike goes into hiding. He’s working at a car dealership, and he looks up in the car lot at the end to deal with a customer, but it turns out that it’s a hitman that kills him.

yellowdog Answered question Jul 26, 2020

can you remember any names, or anything else? what would the main plot be you think? could it be newer than 1994?


My best guess is between’86-‘90. There were no stars in it, or at least they weren’t stars then. The young blonde guy with a ponytail wanted to work for the big shot businessman/criminal. And he proved himself by beating up the guy’s henchmen. He knew karate or something. He was a bad ass. So the businessman hired him to do some job, and the ponytail guy, who really did look like a low rent Val Kilmer, got his young criminal friends to help. I think ponytail guy’s name was Joe. Anyway, things somehow went bad and the friends were killed. Ponytail was in hiding. Last scene he’s a car dealer, and he’s really suspicious as a customer walks up to him. It turns out that he should be because he shoots him. Credits roll. It was on HBO late at night. It’s been about 30 years, I remember a lot of the details, and yet I can’t find the title no matter how hard I try.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 27, 2020

Was he not in the car dealership until the end? What would you say is the main plot?