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Have been trying for hours to find name of movie!!

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Hello, I had seen a video about a movie containing two main characters. One of the characters is a man who’s name is just man. I forgot the name of the woman but I know they are a married couple. The man is this good person who will do anything to help others at the expense of his wife. Then one point in the video it shows a scene where the man invites hundreds of people into their home and they all rip down walls and destroy the woman’s beloved home. Any help finding the title of this movie would be greatly appreciated 🙂

(sorry for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes)

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Mother! (2017)

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I also think the name of this movie is Mother!

I LOVED this movie, because it flowed EXACTLY how a dream would flow. It starts out practical and calm. Then it begins to snowball in an abstract convoluted manner, as it spirals out of control towards the end. The ending was also PERFECT in the manner of how a dream of this tone/demeanor would be.