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Hard to remember 2000 movie

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I don’t remember much but it’s a movie I watched as a kid. I remember a scene were I think the main character comes in (a kid) and gives a girl a bike chain, she asks if this is for her bike but he says it as a necklace. I guess the movie is about racing dirt bikes or something. Maybe a racing school, I’m not sure. I also remember a scene were characters are fighting something with blue and orange glowing balls. Idk how that is related but that’s all I remember.
The movie seems to be early 2000 3d animation. And in my head if I try to remember anything from that movie it reminds me of meet the Robinsons, proboby was a similar style of animation. I think I remember mentioning the movie to my dad as a kid and him not letting me watch that movie again so maybe that can help. Unfortunately that’s all I have.

Blink Asked question May 20, 2022