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Guy that drinks raw eggs & lady in a forest (Live action / -2010 )

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In this movie, as in the title, I remember a man at the head of a table that cracks eggs into a glass and drinks it. I believe there may also be children in that scene and that they may be visiting him because he is a relative, however i’m not sure of that part.

At some point in the movie I recall a woman that lives in a forest (maybe next to the house where the man lives) and she might be his wife or something like that.

this may be an adventure/romance film. I am very unsure. This movie was probably released before 2010

Thank you anyway for reading 🙂

fresh-strawberry Answered question Jun 19, 2020

Could it be “The NeverEnding story” or “Rocky”? Both of them have a raw egg drinking scene 🙂

fresh-strawberry Answered question Jun 19, 2020