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Guy self directs movie about him tricking his family and friends

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Okay, I really hope somebody can help, cuz im losing my mind.

The movie itself is directed by a guy, who also plays himself in the movie, because the movie is about his own life and story. And no, the movie I’m talking about is not the comedy ‘Accepted’.

Anyway, the movie is about how a guy tricks his family and friends into thinking, he got accepted into university. He decides to do this, because his neighbour/enemy gets accepted into the same university, that our main guy applied for. And they both had to check their mail from the university in front of the whole community, which is why he lied, cuz he didn’t want for his family to be embarrassed and lose face. He lies, lies and lies. He even shows up to classes, somehow gets away with it for a long time, and even starts to fall in love with a girl there.
Back home with his family, they are extremely proud of him, and If I remember correctly, his dad is a very important priest/religious dude within their community, and a lot of the people within the community go to him for comfort and help. And if I also remember correctly, I think the family might be Indian, but I’m not entirely sure.
In the end, everything gets revealed, and one of the consequences is, that his dad needs to step down as the priest/religious dude. Because the community hears about the lies and are not happy. And the one who takes over, is the neighbour/enemy’s dad.

That’s all I remember. But again, its self-biographical and the guy have even been on talk shows talking about his story and the movie. BUT I DON’T REMEMBER THE FREAKING TITLE!!!!!! And I can’t find anything on the web. Helppp? 🙂

farcry Posted new comment Jul 4, 2022