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Guy killed saving younger brother. Brain transplanted memory starts to come back

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Hi sadly i cant remember much about this movie, i’ve no idea what it was called, or who starred in it. The plot just sticks in my head from seeing it as a teenager. From what i can remember the young boy (early teens) is playing with a toy at the side of the road and a truck (possibly an army truck) is about to hit him when his older brother (who might be in the army)pushes him out of the way. The older brother however is killed in the process. His brain is then used in another body (not sure if human/robot shell). I seem to recall that whatever the older brother has become, he starts to remember who he was before, again possibly due to coming in contact again with his younger brother.
From memory the last time i saw it was on TV late 1960’s or early 1970’s. It had nothing to do with the Horror movies such as Frankenstein. It was in english so possibily a UK or USA B Movie and it was in black and white.

VHS_Lives Answered question May 16, 2022

That sounded very much like it. I was able to track down a copy of it but sadly its not the one i remember. I can definitely remember a young boy, perhaps 8 -10 yo playing at the side of a country road, a truck comes road the corner and is about to hit the boy but the older brother (perhaps late teens, early 20’s) pushes him out of the way. The story is very similar in that the brother memory starts to come back, and i think the young boy does help the older brother at the end. When i read the wikipedia article on The Colossus of New York I thought it was the one but having watched it i know it isnt, but thanks for your help,