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Guy hallucinates trying to catch a bald guy that’s missing fingers that’s in a red car

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I don’t remember much but I remember at the start of the movie, he works at some sort of factory and he accidentally causes one of his coworkers to lose some of their fingers after one of the machines he was operating turned on. After that I remember that he frequently goes to the airport to talk to this lady and just to eat pie but it turns out he was hallucinating her the whole time. Somewhere in the movie he ends up meeting this woman who has a kid but the kid has a seizure after he took him to a haunted house. Somewhere else in the movie he develops a relationship with a prostitute but she leaves him after she realizes he’s going crazy. He also ends up killing someone in his apartment who I think was the prostitute but Im not sure. He has no memory of killing her and thinks this bald guy killed. Throughout the movie he’s hallucinating this bald guy that has missing fingers on one of his hands and is trying to following a red car. Towards the end of the movie he’s running from the police. I remember seeing it on netflix some months ago

vae6w Answered question May 20, 2022

It was the machinist

vae6w Answered question May 20, 2022