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Guy forces woman to give him a sacred tattoo.

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Okay so part of the movie is that this guy leaves the rest of the world and lives in a Cambodian or Thailand fishing village (also near a beach) and he meets a prostitute or somethibg that he spends a lot of time with. He eventually finds out that she also does like sacred tattoos of honor and sort of forces her to do one. So she does. He is then threatened and or beaten up by some of her relatives for abusing the tattoo art and is exiled off. He later finds out that the tattoos she did actually mean dishonorable things like lying and such and is sort of a curse and his life seems to go poorly afterwards.

zsimon22 Unselected an answer Dec 15, 2020

Unfortunately not, it’s Cambodian or Thai art (maybe called Sak Yant but that’s only from what I know of the culture, not the movie.)