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Guy falls down hole with bones and cage

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My friend told me about a movie he remembered, and bet me 500$ I wouldn’t find it, so far i havent found anything. He really doesn’t remember what the movie is about but only this information:

It’s about a man who finds a hole in prison and tries to escape but as goes through the hole he falls into a cage with bones. He’s stuck or something

But he’s not 100% sure it’s a prison movie, so it might also be that some guy goes into a hole (trying to escape possibly or something) and falls onto lots of bones/skeletons and theres a cage (possibly).

(Not 100% sure this is a movie also. Could be tv-series but most likely is a movie!)

Filmfind Posted new comment Jul 26, 2022

If you’re willing to put a $100 up to anyone who will help solve this. Then I suggest you do it the correct way and “put a bounty on it”.

Your post will be featured and won’t get lost in the sea of movie questions, it will stay on the front page.

Yes, please don’t offer private/external deals or communication. If you’d like to place a bounty on this question, see:


Tunnel of Bones (2011)?

Kramerjp Answered question Jul 26, 2022