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Group of friends being haunted by entity and disappear one by one turns out they went to hell

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Ok so i have a challenge because i have little to go on. It is definitely a movie from the 2000’s but not in the recent 3 years. The only two scenes i can remember are the following: about halfway the movie the group of friends go to a house of one of the guys’ (or girls’) cousin to spend the night but the entity trashes the place.

The other scene i remember is when they are driving in a car and seeing an old warehouse and they see people banging on the windows on one of the top floors. Later on you find out that those people were them and they actually saw themselves a couple hours in the future. In this warehouse the last remaining friends disappear one by one and then it turns out they are each in their own version of hell. The end. 🙂

Pusheen Asked question Jun 1, 2022