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Girl vs. adult woman, who knows better what the real orgasm is.

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I’m looking for a movie… 🙂 I saw only one, but memorable scene.
I think it is about 20 – 40 years old, for sure nothing recent, but not very old. It is rather French or Spanish.
There is a young couple, they are full of love. They are at the stairs, at the door to their flat. A woman, about 35-40, their neighbour, is complaining about their noisy sex and / or behavior at the staircase. The girl is then blaming the woman, that she is probably alone, old and hasn’t ever experienced an orgasm. Then the woman answers describing what the true orgasm is (feeelings, changes in the body and not exalted screams) leaving the girl speechless.

Kubatango Asked question Aug 15, 2022