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Girl goes through time warp after finding special Easter egg

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I believe the movie was made in the 80s – I saw it on TV, and it may have been a “made for TV” movie.

There was a young girl participating in an Easter egg hunt, and she found the most special prize egg in a tree, and I believe the egg was golden. I think there was a necklace inside the egg. After opening the egg, she was distracted by a deer at the edge of the woods. The deer ran into the woods and the little girl followed it, but then she lost sight of it and she turned around and the path was gone – she was lost in the woods. At one point she came across a house and there was an old man or woman inside – I think they knew her, and it may have been one of her parents. It was as though decades had past, like she went through a time warp.

I’ve been trying to find the name of this movie for years with no luck!

dulcinea27 Asked question Dec 30, 2019