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Girl gets into bar fight. Doesn’t want the help of her stronger guy friend.

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I’m trying to find the name of an action/fighting/possibly post apocalyptic movie I watched in the 90s as a little kid. I feel like it was kinda low budget and little known as well.

It has a girl who gets into fights. She meets a guy who is a better fighter than her and she joins him in hopes of getting stronger.

One scene I remember is the girl and guy go to a bar or something like that and the girl gets into a fight with a bunch of guys. At one point she’s getting her butt kicked but she tells her stronger guy friend NOT to help her because she wants to win on her own. So he just watches.

The other scene I remember, and this could be at the end of the movie, is the bad guy who is really strong bursts onto the scene by charging through a wall of some sorts. I keep thinking it’s a wall of wooden spindles, if that makes sense, and as the bad guy charges through it they break and shatter in slow motion, I believe. This shows how super strong the bad guy is.

So the girl and her strong guy friend both have to fight this bad guy together because he’s much too strong for either of them to take on alone.

I’d love to watch this movie again now that I’m a grownup and see how much it matches my memory. Any ideas?

Zlotowa85 Asked question Nov 8, 2020