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Friends on a Hunting Trip and a Sniper Attacks

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I rented this on Amazon a couple years back. It is very obscure. A thriller involving three (?) friends on a hunting trip and one by one, they are killed by a sniper. The remaining guy tracks down the sniper and they have a tense standoff in an industrial area–maybe a processing plant of some sort?

VHS_Lives Answered question Feb 2, 2022

That’s it! Holy moly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ti West–yes!


The premise of “Prey” (2021) is similar, but this one is from 2021:

TheUlmin8r Posted new comment Feb 2, 2022

That’s not it, but boy, is it similar in ways! I keep thinking the one I’m looking for was directed by one of the Blair Witch Project directors, or they were somehow involved? I’m not sure, though. I know I looked for and watched the film back when I did because of the director. Thanks for your help!


“El rey de la montaƱa”, also known as “King of the Hill” (2007)?

TheUlmin8r Posted new comment Feb 2, 2022

No, but the one you suggested looks intriguing! Thanks!